Maize & Fruit

Ingredients for 2
1/2 liter of (soy) milk mixed with water
3 Spoons of butter
Ground maize
Dried fruit
Raisins or sultanas
Icing sugar
Cranberry sauce

Put water/milk mixture into a pot. Add butter and salt. Bring to boil. Add maize until you get a thick ball. Put maize mixture into pan. Use a fork or a spoon to make small pieces. Put lid on top and fry mixture until crispy. Stir from time to time. Cut dried fruit into small pieces. Add dried fruit and raisins/sultanas. Put icing sugar into a sieve. Serve hot with a hint of icing sugar on top and cranberry sauce at the side.

Fruit Rice

Note: This rice goes nicely with any vegetarian or meat curry.

Rice – whichever type of rice you prefer
Crushed almonds
Dried fruit: apricots, plums, pears, figs etc.
If you do not have dried fruit, use raisins or sultanas

Cook rice as usual. Cut dried fruit. Add crushed almonds and dried fruit. Serve with whatever curry you have prepared.